“Winger” Storytelling Cards

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A card game created and perfected by us. Designed to improve fluent language skills, creativity, empathy, speaking and listening skills. The game has no set rules, no age limit, it can be played alone, in pairs or in a group. We hope that everyone will be able to create their own rules, adapting the game to themselves. We play the game like this: we deal out seven or eleven random cards and, in turn, each player creates a coherent sentence of at least three words, based on the picture from one chosen card. By creating the sentences individually or by helping one another, we weave a joint, coherent story of a chosen genre. For example, we can decide beforehand that the story will be joyful, sad, tragicomic or very romantic… We’ve noticed that the stories are usually very fun and full of surprises… The pictures can also be interpreted differently. A card with a bird can be named as a noun “bird”. However, it can be showed when talking about a song or even an early morning, while a card representing the colour blue can be shown when talking about cold, cloud, spots of ink or blueberry soup… Set your imagination free because in this game, no one can do wrong and everyone wins as creative, daring storytellers and attentive listeners. The game is suitable as a learning aid for native and foreign language learners. While getting to know each other at a camp, a deck of cards can become a reason to speak up. At school, this game can help students to express their thoughts fluently, memorise new words, teach to follow a common goal, listen carefully or even unlock accumulated emotions. Most importantly – this game helps develop creative thinking as a universal skill in solving all sorts of life and work tasks.
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