Censer “Tower of wishes”

22,99  PVM

A white clay censer sculpted and caressed out of white clay by an artist – Asta. Like everything with angels – it’s simple, but extraordinary at the same time… Let’s create miracles together. When smoke rises out of the small tower of wishes, the most beautiful aspirations rise to the heavens. It is important to dream with concentration, without any demands, but with a heart full of love. During the summer, it is advised to dream next to an open window, so your dreams can travel to the light of day as quickly as possible.   The censers are very similar, but each one is slightly different. We hope you can easily recognise which one is yours. By the way, each censer can turn into a small plate; just like a sorceress knows how to be a simple, but beautiful maiden, and turn into a fairy in the evening…
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