At first glance, she looks like a lady in an apron, ready for her daily routine… Take a closer look. From behind, she is a fairy godmother with gold shining wings. The heroine of a fairy tale. A magician capable of turning the most creative and unexpected visions into a pulsating reality of beauty. Isn’t she an angel? It’s highly likely, because the greatest miracles are created with our hands, hearts and minds, just in the flow of everyday life.

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Angels are humans. They love, care, and create. They learn from yesterday, intently observe the present until it blossoms with the most genuine miracles.

We craft little things for your magical everyday, share stories, inspiration, and send good wishes to each other. In this, we find purpose. This is how the most beautiful version of life becomes full, united by our collective will and hearts brimming with love.

Anyone can become an angel. It’s the moment when eyes fill with dreams, the body thrives with inspiration and wisdom, and wings sprout from one’s back.

Sabina, Adelė

and all the other people from Angels Republic


We create in Lithuania, in Vilnius, down a wondrous alley where flocks of birds chirp and hundred-year-old lilies sway. Here, it feels right to engage in what brings the greatest joy. In Spain, in a white village of Andalusia, lies our creative retreat. From there, we always bring back materials, ideas, and a surge of inspiration, filling the pockets of our aprons. We send our creations and warm wishes all over the world. People say that where our parcels arrive, angels awaken the next morning, and in their hands unfold the most beautiful miracles.



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